We Install and Repair

Gate Systems

Securing your home or business requires a multifaceted approach. Currently, you probably have keys, employees, neighborhood watchers, automatic lights, and alarm systems protecting you most of the time. Installing a gate system offers an additional layer of defense, lowering your attack surface and protecting you in addition to the other measures that you take.

Gate systems are strong and intimidating for would-be attackers. They present the message that you’re highly aware of your security, and when combined with access point terminals and CCTV, anyone would think twice about taking on your security fortress


Installing a gate to your home, community, or business offers an additional security measure, ensuring that only authorized persons are allowed in.

Custom Gates

We can fabricate and install custom gates to your specifications and liking. We also provide mobile welding repairs for gates have been damaged by a vehicle.


While a gate acts as a physical barrier to entry, it also carries a psychological message to bad faith actors. It demonstrates an aggressive awareness of security and tells anyone up to no good: “You do not belong here.”

We Install and Repair

Camera Surveillance Systems

If you’re interested in 24/7/365 surveillance of your home or business, it’s never been easier to get started and stay protected. The affordability and reliability of modern surveillance systems make it so that there’s no excuse to put off installing a few cameras. There are a number of modern applications that can be run on your phone that provide secure access to your camera systems at any time. With additional configuration (which we can guide you through) you can set up your monitoring system to alert you whenever the cameras pick up movement; a feature that is critical for when you don’t expect visitors!

From upgrades to a new installation, we provide surveillance solutions for your residential or commercial property. 


Surveillance systems give you ready access to live feeds and recordings, leaving you feeling safe and secure in areas of the property that need it the most.


Camera & DVR systems don’t take holidays or need to sleep. They’re always awake and alert; personal servants. The cameras are always watching so you can go about your life knowing they’re looking out for you.

No Excuse

The cost of having a camera or DVR system installed has never been more affordable and secure. With various options, you can choose a model and package that fits your budget or your level of concern.

We Install and Repair

Access Control Systems

We install and repair access control systems on residential and commercial properties.

If you’re looking to protect sensitive perimeter access points then likely you’d want to install an access control system. These are highly useful for ensuring that whoever enters your property by vehicle is allowed to be on the premises. Easy to program and even easier to use, access control systems can be controlled with a PIN or RFID card. While access control can be used for vehicles it can also be used for pedestrians gates, entering offices and apt buildings, HOA clubhouses, pools, tennis courts etc. Whatever your needs are we believe that you’ll find a system that fits your situation.

Protect Your Perimeter

An access control system will ensure that anyone driving onto your property has the correct authorization to do so.

Always On

These security systems are always operational. They don’t require a security guard and work in any kind of weather condition.

Meet your needs

With a vast selection of systems, we know that you’ll find something that works best for your needs. You can enter a pin, swipe a card, or voice activate your access control system.